The Artist: Dale Enochs

Dale has been working as an independent artist for thirty-two years, thus far successfully completing twenty-four public art commissions, with three more currently under way. His work is in private, public, corporate and museum collections in the United States, Japan and China. Every public piece that he does is created specifically for a given site. The approach that he takes to develop a composition for public work begins with listening carefully to the desires of the client and understanding the context of the proposed environment. He personally studies the location for the work as well as architectural drawings of the area, taking into account the surrounding architecture and landscape, how the space will be used, the eventual pedestrian traffic, and the history of the project's area and its community.

Overall, his intent is to create a cohesive statement with a dynamic visual composition that addresses a project and its relationship to its environment. He often takes a “macrocosm / microcosm” approach to his work. This is to say that the completed artwork has a dynamic presence from a distance but it also draws the viewer into a closer inspection due to the myriad of detail work within a composition.

Ultimately he believes that art has the power to address people on many levels and the potential to bring diverse images and ideas together making them whole, and to bring people together and speak of their shared ideals. These challenges are at the heart of what motivates the work that he does.

Dale Enochs/Bloomington, Indiana