Design Team

Dale Enochs: Promethean artist/sculptor 

storrow|kinsella associates: urban design, landscape architecture, Promethean Campaign advisor 

entheos Architects :  project lead and building addition/Fire Museum expansion architect  

A & F Engineering:  site and transportaion civil engineering 

Circle Design: electrical engineering/lighting design 

Arsee Engineers: structural engineering

Planning, design and execution of the Firefighters campus and its public infrastructure renewal has been a multi-discipline collaboration of experts.  Building Architect entheos Architects, Urban Designer/Landscape Architect storrow|kinsella associates, and Promethean artist/scupltor Dale Enochs comprise the primary design team.  They have been ably assisted by A&F Engineering (site and transportation civil engineering), Circle Design (electrical and lighting) and Arsee Engineers (structural engineering). Contractors Smock Fansler Corporation (Art Park Plaza, public infrastructure renewal, sculpture installation) and Wilhelm Construction (building expansion and the Point Plaza) are the project facilitators.

The planning and design process included interface with the Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission for Regional Center and Historic District review, and Indianapolis Department of Public Works/Rebuild Indy for public infrastructure renewal (brick alley reconstruction, St. Clair Street, Arch Street and College Avenue curbs, sidewalk/crosswalks and repaving) to achieve enhanced connectivity and walkability.  Sustainability features include a pervious brick pavement in the parking court that conveys stormwater from the site and the building expansion's roof to an underlying absorption bed that prevents most stormwater discharge from entering the combined sewer system.