Where in the City is Prometheus?

The Firefighters Campus will transform the College Avenue and Mass Ave intersection into an activated Cultural District node and point of interest along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail as that linear park and passage begins its journey linking the Indianapolis Cultural Districts.

Map Legend

1 Firefighters State Union Headquarters & Guest House

2 Firefighters Credit Union: relocated to allow city redevelopment of the former IFD 7 site

3 Fallen Firefghters Memorial and Phoenix Rising sculpture (1996, Dale Enochs, artist)

4 Local 416 Union Hall, Historic Fire Museum and Survive Alive expansion

5 The Walk of Distinction commemorative limestone blocks

6 The Point wayfinding marker and gathering place along Mass Ave

7 School bus drop off and waiting zone for Survive Alive visitation

8 Restored brick alleys for neighborhood connectivity

9 Art Park Plaza flexible space for parking or events

10 Promethean Walk | Gift of Fire, Dale Enochs | artist


A Cultural Trail Hub

The Promethean Walk will anchor the east end of the Firefighters Campus along College Avenue. Its limestone and metal elements increase in scale over a distance of 125 feet, from several feet high near Arch Street to the sixteen foot tall heroic figure near St. Clair Street.

The walkway's foreground along busy College Avenue is comprised of a tilted plane of perennial grass that rises from the curb to seating height to form a buffering edge and spatial environment for the sculpture and for the Art Park Plaza beyond.

The figure of Prometheus will be approached by downtown-bound travelers along College Avenue, as well as by walkers and cyclists traveling the Indianapolis Cultural Trail from the Payne Connect10n, the celebratory point of convergence of the Monon, Pogues Run and Cultural Trails at 10th Street and Mass Ave.

Prometheus will be within sight of the IndyFringe Basile Theatre's front door, appropriate because the firefighters have hosted the IndyFringe Theatre Festival since its 2005 inception. The new facilities have been designed to continue that tradition of hosting the community's cultural events and celebrations.