Indianapolis Professional Firefighters Local 416 is transforming its Mass Ave cultural district location in Indianapolis into an exciting and active campus gathering place for its membership and the community. The Promethean Walk is the centerpiece of this placemaking effort and funding campaign.

The Promethean Walk is a 125 foot long sculpture of multiple elements consisting of incised limestone and internally illuminated layered metal forms. The heroic sixteen foot tall striding figure of Prometheus will be a conspicuous district landmark for walkers and cyclists along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail and motorists approaching downtown along College and Mass Avenues. Prometheus holds an orb of fire, the mythological gift to humankind representing creativity and, if not respected and controlled, danger. The Promethean Walk and these meanings will be part of the visitor experience, including that of schoolchildren visiting Survive Alive. The sculpture complements Dale Enochs' earlier Phoenix Rising sculpture in the nearby Memorial area, to create a sense of one place.

Community leaders are heading up a vigorous campaign that will appeal to the many Friends of the Firefighters on a local and International scale to realize this vision and share it with the community. Our funding partners, of whatever means, will be permanently memorialized alongside heroic Prometheus as the heroes they are as well.

Follow the campaign and sign up for periodic updates and virtual visits to the Enochs studio in Bloomington as Dale works on his creation, selecting, cutting and shaping limestone, detailing the metal fretwork patterns, testing lighting concepts and coordinating the work of his site and fabrication partners. Witness the unfolding Promethean story translated to this site and to this organization of Firefighters in real-time.

Join the Firefighters in April 2016 during the FDIC welcoming event to meet Dale and see models and renderings of Prometheus. Campaign partners that have time to trek down to Bloomington might get a studio visit invite as well.

Then plan on celebrating the dedication and lighting of the completed work in fall 2017!